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Title: NDBs & VORs
Post by: FFZ on March 14, 2014, 0607 UTC
Hello all!
I thought it would be a fun project to go out and record/photograph some of my local Navaids.  I'm hoping to get one or two more this weekend.  Check out my youtube videos for the recordings:

http://youtu.be/poplHGLuU5o (http://youtu.be/poplHGLuU5o) - CHD NDB (Chandler, AZ)
http://youtu.be/aMViu-2ja-M (http://youtu.be/aMViu-2ja-M) - IWA VORTAC (Mesa, AZ)
http://youtu.be/eQIXnO390Xc (http://youtu.be/eQIXnO390Xc) - PXR VORTAC (Phoenix, AZ)


Title: Re:
Post by: Duffer on June 21, 2014, 2004 UTC
Great shot for the PXR video.