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Title: Antenna noise canceler/ phaser diversity combiner
Post by: Antennae on July 27, 2014, 2113 UTC
I got a JPS ANC-4 (the same as a timewave ANC-4).  I want to use it as a diversity combiner.  I have attached 2 vertical wires 71feet apart (1/2 wavelength for 6925mhz).  So theoretically I can now steer a reception pattern that look like a figure eight. Do I have this correct?

Can anybody point me in the right direction on information on how to operate the thing?
Title: Re: Antenna noise canceler/ phaser diversity combiner
Post by: rdla4 on July 27, 2014, 2251 UTC
I used a similar device a couple of summers ago,made by MFJ, when I had some broadband noise. In my case, I found that a shorter antenna (a wire) of about 25 feet long worked best. My antenna at the time was a 65 ft long wire antenna.  It worked  well, and I was able to null the local noise several dozen DB down. It was not perfect, but it made the difference between not hearing anything, and being able to hear strong and medium strength signals.

I fed my noise antenna with coaxial cable, and was not particularly careful about its placement..it worked OK. I tried making another longwire antenna that was closer in size to my "real antenna". It did not seem to help much====if any in my case.

I recall that fiddling with the knobs and switches was always a project. My settings would vary from one day to the next even if I was on the same frequency. It took patience to set it up correctly....and I frequently had to adjust slightly a few hours later.

Universal has the manual for this on line: