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Title: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: jordan on September 24, 2014, 2344 UTC
Would that be a good choice for a pirate bluegrass music station?  No one uses that frequency, so there shouldn't be any complaints, right?
Title: Re: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: Kage on September 25, 2014, 2126 UTC
Don't think anything is wrong with the frequency outside of the fact that some FM receivers may not cover it. Just like with the Xband on MW with 1710kHz not able to be listened into with older radios, or even new radios that stop at 1700kHz, I believe 87.7 is below that of which some receivers can tune.
There are a few old TV stations that decided to run radio broadcasts on 87.75MHz because after the digital switch they had the extra channel space to basically rent it out to broadcasters on their aural carrier, but of course some modern receivers can not lock onto it because of it being offset.

You would be far in the clear using that frequency because there is almost no other stations using it. OTOH you need to be careful because it is a well known pirate frequency and since no interference exists your signal will really get out. That can be both good and bad. Good because of the range, especially on the low end of the dial, bad because most people will automatically assume you are a pirate using a frequency that so few licensed broadcasters have actually been able to use, plus the fact that you are on a part of the dial that not all tuners can tune to.
Title: Re: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: atrainradio on September 25, 2014, 2128 UTC
Well speaking from experience, I'd say yes. However, if your area has a channel 6 analog T.V station (as kage said), then look elsewhere. But if not, then you're in good shape. Just make sure you're not throwing out harmonics onto the air band etc... So make sure your transmitter is running okay.
Title: Re: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: Pigmeat on September 26, 2014, 0357 UTC
I'd worry about coverage, same as the guys above.. A lot of car radios, new and old, don't tune that far down the band. The majority of people listen to FM/AM radio while driving.
Title: Re: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: John Poet on September 29, 2014, 2025 UTC
Licesed FM stations are bound to complain, just because you're out there, interference or not.  The interference they're really most concerned with, is interference to their ability to make money.  This is why licensed stations routinely file objections to the proposed licensing of ANY new stations in their areas with the FCC.

It would be a good frequency to get heard on, but, anyone who keeps track of such things will instantly know that you're a pirate station, and it could be reported that much quicker.  If it were me, I would look for a clear frequency somewhere above the educational portion of the band (92.0 MHz + ?), and "hide" amongst the licensed stations.  (There may be more clear frequencies from 88 to 92 MHz, but you're more likely to stick out there also as "something that doesn't belong"... but then again, a station playing bluegrass music might be temporarily mistaken for an NPR show...).
Title: Re: Is 87.7 MHz a good FM pirate frequency?
Post by: audiokaos on October 01, 2014, 1707 UTC
On top of what has been said about the TV sound aspect & it being out of band, it would be dead clear that it is a pirate signal. I personally wouldn't use it apart from tossing a signal from my living room to the bedroom..