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Title: possible "E" beacon on 7020.3 khz (From QRP-L list)
Post by: ka1iic on November 05, 2014, 0644 UTC
Anybody got any ideas as  to what the signal on 7.020.3 is.    It's the
letter  "E" being sent once a second with no call sign or ID of any kind.
Just a letter E every second.  The signal is strong enough to bump my
S-meter over the S6 to S7 noise floor here in central Florida.  What the
heck is it?

Being on the low end of 40 meters, hopefully somebody besides me is hearing
this and wondering what's up.  A few fellows with directional antennas might
be able to get a bearing on it, possibly see where it's coming from.  Be
nice to know what it is?

Has anyone in our group heard this??? vw