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Title: KLDE 25910 kHz FM received in Ukraine
Post by: ulx2 on January 12, 2015, 2214 UTC
The STL of KLDE from Texas has been received here, in Kiev in November 9th 2014 with relatively good signal level:

Here is fragment with station's ID (barely audible):
http://ulx2.narod.ru/audio/KLDE1.mp3 (http://ulx2.narod.ru/audio/KLDE1.mp3)

Here is moment of the best audibility:
http://ulx2.narod.ru/audio/KLDE2.mp3 (http://ulx2.narod.ru/audio/KLDE2.mp3)

All content was in parallel with their web-stream.

The signal has been received in AM mode with -2 kHz detuning,  thus RX quality could be even better, if I would use a receiver with ability of NFM reception on that frequency.