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Title: SDR-IQ ceasing production
Post by: rdla4 on February 23, 2015, 1933 UTC
From the SDR-IQ email list:

Hi All,

 After almost 9 years of producing the SDR-IQ, we are having to discontinue it due to parts obsolescence. The SDR-IQ will continue to be supported in SpectraVue just like the SDR-14 is still supported after 12 years. We are working on a replacement called the Cloud-IQ that is a lite version of the CloudSDR radio. The Cloud-IQ will offer 0.009-56 MHz frequency coverage plus a lot more streaming IQ BW at 24 bits. In addition, it will have a 60 MHz spectrum analyzer mode plus a low bandwidth built in internet server. The internet server can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our Windows, Linux, Mac and Android clients. The radio interfaces to the PC via a network connection and will support external radio control via its serial port.

 We've created a Yahoo group that will be shared by CloudSDR and Cloud-IQ users.





Posted by: "Tom" <tom@madisound.com>