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Title: 6924u @2324z, Outhouse Radio
Post by: TX Ears on January 29, 2010, 2324 UTC
SNO 333-444

2324 jibberish or some foreign language with make synthetic voice...something about wicked monkey robberies?...

Outhouse Radio ID @ 2326z

2326z Radio Habana Cuba ID, recording
2328z Radio International ID, recording
2330z AC/DC
2333z AC/DC

2341z OHR ID
2342z Light My Fire
2349z OHR ID (in synthetic voice)
2350z Stand next to your fire...
2352z Aerosmith
2356z OHR ID (synthetic voice)...and a shout-out to TX Ears
2357z Madonna,  cut short, he didn't like the song. per something about George Zeller

2358z OHR ID
2359z Doors
0003z signal went quickly into the mud and lost...
0030z signal back, SNO 242-343
0045z Hendrix, Watchtower
0055z OHR ID

Title: Re: 6924u @2324z, Outhouse Radio
Post by: MrHellion on January 30, 2010, 0008 UTC
SIO 423 Noisy here today.

2329 ID into AC/DC "Money talks"

Still Playing AC/DC

2338 OM speaking, too noisy to make it out, back into music.

2342 The Doors "Light My Fire"

0005 Steve Earl "Copperhead Road"
Signal much improved. Way above the noise
SIO now 444

Thx for the great show !!!