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Title: SK01 Digital and M8a MCW on 5810 Khz
Post by: 4405486 on February 05, 2010, 1957 UTC
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

SK01 transmissions on 5810 Khz in progress about 0615-0652 Feb. 5 UTC
Noted Morse character 'H' sent three times.

To get an idea of this, I suggest youtube videos. See:
Waterfall Images-sample 1   By: K2NCC All 45 of his videos are superb
for getting educated about software defined digital modes.

Last but certainly not least, see: "Atencion" Cuban numbers station-
with data!   By MattExzy

M8a came up on 5810 Khz  0700-0732
The three recipients were:
NWMUA (#25941)
NDTTA (#23001)
RGGUA (#68841)

A repeat M8a transmission commenced at about 0800 UTC on 5900 Khz.

Title: Re: SK01 Digital and M8a MCW on 5810 Khz
Post by: 4405486 on February 17, 2010, 1927 UTC
Like many of you I am a very busy person, and can not participate in this
as much as I would like. However, I have decided to go into this in a little more
depth and learn as much as I can, time permitting.

I just stumbled upon a paper on Dirk Rijmenants outstanding 'Cipher Machine
and Cryptology' site. By the way, I repaired Teletype, KG-13, and
KW-7 Cryptographic Machines back in the day.

The name of the paper is, 'Cuban Agent Communications Failure of a
Perfect System'. It is recent 2010, summarizes this activity, only
10 pages long.

If any of you are interested and have not seen this, just go to Dirk's
site on right side bar click on 'One-Time Pad'  scroll down to
more on One-Time Pad and download 'Cuban Agent Communications (PDF)
Hopefully this will shed some light on this.