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Title: VLF Asian Time Signals...
Post by: Looking-Glass on March 19, 2016, 2227 UTC
This morning I was up around 0200 local and found VLF band open once again, finally got an ident from 60KHz whom I previously thought could have been WWVB in Boulder, Colorado, high hopes of a decent distance dashed, thems the breaks!  JJY in Japan is still a good catch I have been told. ::)

JJY idents in CW at 15 minutes past the hour, so if you miss 15 past it's a long wait until the next ident.  


Is BSF in Taiwan listed as 77.5KHz still on air from Chung-Li?

Loran Station BPL in Shaanxi, China still on air 100KHz or closed down?

Does any one know when BPC in China idents?  Listened for sometime but then it started to fade down.

VLF log 20th March 2016:

40KHz    JJY    Time Signal from Mount Otakadoya, Japan for a distance of 7,959kms, barely audible at 319 report, no ident heard. 1502z.

68.5KHz BPC    Time Signal from Shangqui City, China for a distance of 8,378kms, reasonable 519 report with fades, no ident heard. 1507z.

60KHz    JJY    Time Signal from Mount Hagane, Japan for a distance of 7,754kms, from 519 to 539 report, indent "JJY" in CW 15 mins past the hour. 1618z.

Comments regarding BPC ident times would be welcome... ???