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Title: 7112 SSB CW 1818z
Post by: Ender on March 15, 2010, 2003 UTC
Caught CW on channel from 1818z to 1822z when it faded and I could no longer hear it. SIO 322

from Tennessee, US
Title: Re: 7112 SSB CW 1818z
Post by: 4405486 on March 17, 2010, 0120 UTC
You should be able to enjoy quite a bit of CW in and around that frequency.
If my memory is correct thats the 40m Amateur Band.

On that band you will hear CW, SSB Phone, Digital, and Some Shortwave

Here in San Luis Obispo, Cal. I used to listen to one of those Cuban V2
voice Number Stations "Ocho Dos Dos Tinko Tinko" every Friday night.
Just below the 40m Band. Will have to check and see if it is still there.

Check the M8a listings for some more CW you might hear; If that fails,
nothing like the 20m Amateur Band 14Mhz for CW, Digital etc.

I enjoy Radio a heck of a lot. Have Fun.