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Title: 7575 kHz CW, data, Spanish voice in USB under music in AM
Post by: Lex on June 03, 2008, 0958 UTC
June 2, 2008 (0130-0150 UTC, 6/3/08 world time/date), 7575 kHz.  In AM mode musical programming similar to Voice of Russia.  Underneath in SSB, CW, data and voice.  Spanish language voice 7575 kHz USB.  Unable to pinpoint frequency for CW/data, seemed to be 7576.5 kHz.  Brief QSO's, apparently to confirm data.

Audio here:


Update: ID'd as Tadiran voice scrambler in secure and bypass modes.  Possibly Mexican Navy comms.  Thanks to LDO of wunclub for the help in this ID.