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Title: WFUQ
Post by: Capt Howdy on August 04, 2016, 0039 UTC
I got a call from a long time friend DJ JACKHAMMER who just got back from Isla de Muerta in the carribean. He told me that he is dusting off the transmitter in the Doomsday bunker and going to "Blast the asses off some listeners". He never said a set schedule but he's usually good and lit around 2300 utc. he has been known to use 6.925 am, usb and lsb. just passing this along.  
Title: Re: WFUQ
Post by: pirateswl on August 06, 2016, 0158 UTC
Was great to catch his broadcast after a long absence from listening and installing a 40 meter dipole earlier in the day. Good to be back SWLing !