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Title: Amalgamated DGPS Software Feature Request: Batch Mode
Post by: skeezix on November 13, 2016, 1927 UTC
Would like a batch mode that would take some sort of input list of files to process, and then process them.

While processing these, periodically (after each file, more often?) save the decodes that are already complete to a file in case of problems and don't have to start over. And autosave at the end.

Some ideas to specify files:
- Put all files in a folder, and specify that folder in the standard Mac GUI dialog for Open... (this is already done & works)
- Put them in a text file

Adding complexity- be able for it to watch a folder for new files and work on them, so they don't have to be specified in total at the start. Each watched folder would have its decode save file specified, and as the files are processed, they would be deleted (if someone wants to save them, then could be moved to another folder). This way only active & pending files would be present.