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Title: MTI on a quite band
Post by: tesla on March 02, 2017, 1517 UTC
March 2   Time 1504 utc   MTI faded up a couple of times...the band appeared to be closed
do to it being so quite...MTI freq. 13557.53 Khz.   MTI sends very slow CW...

CODAR is a noninvasive system that permits to measure and map near-surface ocean currents in coastal waters.
Codar remains one of the QRMers across the 22meter HIFER band... I have had some good catches slightly before the CODAR
signals starts to manifest.  Also I have found during Geo Magnetic storms the little HIFER beacons will pop up now and then.

The band is not easy to listen to do to all the strange signals that are there quite often.  That said, it is rewarding to catch a 4 MW
beacon and when that happen one has a tendency to contemplate the circumstance.