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Title: Listening today
Post by: tesla on March 15, 2017, 2300 UTC
March 15 time 2248 Utc   PVC 13558.4 kHz poped up for about 4 ids in a row then nothing at all for at least a min of staying on PVC freq....
A scan across the band from 13554 -13565 did not yield any other beacons...Ed you must be doing something right.

Solar Flux 70 A 5 K 1

There were times no CODAR at all which is rare ...
Title: Re: Listening today
Post by: Ed H on March 16, 2017, 1631 UTC
Thanks tesla!

I have often wondered about the propagation W-E versus E-W. Alas, there is no-one to my West to compare - we need a Hawaii HiFER! But I do receive good, often amazing signals from the Carolinas, Illinois, typically until late afternoon (Winter listening) then everything fades away. I'm not sure how the dawn and dusk differences  affect signals at this frequency - I guess I should read up on 20 m propagation for starters.