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Title: UNID Spanish Speaking QSO 6900 kHz LSB 0050 UTC 22 March 2017
Post by: R4002 on March 22, 2017, 0056 UTC
Much stronger signals this evening than most other frequencies heard on the band (including 6935 LSB, 6920 LSB, etc).  Can confirm that the language is in, fact, Spanish.

Following operators noted talking in a net-like fashion (referred to as "el grupo"):

-Carlos, Mexico City
-Rodrigo (??), Jalisco
-Pablo (unknown location)
-"unit 67"
-several others that I'm unable to confirm name/location

Mostly professional-sounding communications, operators saying hello to each other, giving signal reports, with the occasional "HOLA HOLA HOOLLLLAAAA" or transmission on top of on-going traffic.  Mention of "Cubana" "Puerto Rico" and other Caribbean locations.  Requests for signal reports, mention of cell phone numbers, all going on in what almost seems like a directed net.  SIO 333 at best, down to SIO 111 during heavy static crashes and co-channel QRM.