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Title: UNID Spanish Language 6910 kHz LSB 0030+ UTC 18 May 2017
Post by: R4002 on May 18, 2017, 0036 UTC
Its like somebody flipped a switch.  30-40 minutes ago the band was quiet, now it seems like every 5-10 kHz has a SSB two way radio conversation QSO on it. 

Spanish speaking stations 6910 kHz LSB / 6.910 MHz LSB.  Similar to traffic heard on 6858 kHz, 6900 kHz, 6905 kHz and 6915 kHz.  Follows 5 kHz channel step commonly found in this region, especially with land-based freebanders.  The fishermen pescadores (the "real peskies") tend to follow a less rigid frequency or channel step plan.  Busy frequency at 0035 UTC.  Station laughing, mention of Venezuela at 0035-0036 UTC.