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Title: DX ToolBox for iPad / iPhone Updated to Version 1.5
Post by: ChrisSmolinski on May 24, 2017, 2243 UTC
DX ToolBox for the iPad and iPhone has been updated to version 1.5

DX Toolbox features several propagation forecasting tools, allowing you to quickly and easily estimate current HF (Shortwave) propagation conditions between any two locations in the world.

A grayline map of the world is also available, and the location of the currently transmitting NCDXF/IARU beacon can be displayed on the map as well. Maps showing ionosonde plots of foF2, foEs, and hmF2 data from various locations around the world are available, as well as D Layer Absorption. The MUF and skip zone can be calculated based on foF2 and hmF2 values.

Real time solar and geomagnetic data (such as Solar Flux, A-Index,
K-Index, Sun Spot Number, X-Ray Flux, flares, Solar Wind, Magnetic Field, Proton and Electron Flux levels, etc) is also displayed, as well as radio propagation reports and forecasts.