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Title: 26105 kHz / 26.105 MHz US Truckers Trucking Freeband DX 12 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 12, 2017, 2034 UTC
26105 kHz - 26.105 MHz illegal bandit freeband CB trucker outbander activity, fun with export radios.  26105 is channel 4 "down two bands".  So, if the regular mid band CB band is Band D, that makes this Band B, channel 4, and, for whatever reason, even though there are dozens of empty channels in the higher bands, this frequency seems to be one of the most popular.

Tuned down to this frequency around 2025 UTC after noticing some activity below the "lowers" limit of 26515 kHz / 26.515 MHz.  The "120 channel" or "high - med - low" freeband band plan of 26515-27855 usually contains most activity, as even though many radios reach above and below these limits, chances are a user's antenna system is tuned for the center of the regular CB band.

26105 kHz, however, is just as busy as many of the higher frequencies, including 26775 and 26915.  Hearing lots of US-based stations chatting on here, some of them sound like truckers (in fact, most of them do).  Lots of heterodyne interference and QRM but hearing traffic-related comments, and a real lack of handles or callsigns or identifiers of any type makes me think its basically all trucker traffic.