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Title: UNID Spanish Language 10272 kHz USB 2045+ UTC 27 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 27, 2017, 2050 UTC
UNID Spanish language traffic 10.272 MHz USB / 10272 kHz USB

Hearing one side of a QSO in Spanish on 10272 USB.  About S2-S3 just barely readable with some fading.  Now hearing a much weaker station (also in Spanish).  Not sure if conditions have changed or if this is the other side of the QSO (or if there's multiple stations in a "roundtable" or net format).  Now (2049 UTC) hearing the usual "hola!" greeting common to 11 meter freebanders and 43 meter freebanders, perhaps this is their "30 meter" band :D

Informal chatter going at 2050 UTC.  Multiple stations going at once at points, causing severe QRM.  Possibly fishing fleets.