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Title: Late Night 11 Meter Net 27.545 MHz LSB 27545 kHz LSB 0245 UTC 29 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 0250 UTC
Freeband 11 meter CB radio 11m outband net frequency 27.545 LSB 27545.0 kHz LSB Southern USA

Hearing two OMs chatting on 27.545 MHz LSB, possibly more (sounds like a net actually).  Mention of a Kenwood radio and another station "547" and "OK-01",  "167" "Bill" IDs heard...then mention of another station checking in at 0247 UTC.  Stronger station talking about "dragging the antenna on the ground" likely a mention to a station running mobile.  Southern accents.  Now (0248 UTC) talking about propagation conditions.  Professional operating practices, no stations talking over each other, etc.  Talking about other stations that the main station (control operator?) has worked "927" "Roy" and lots of stations in Georgia and Alabama, mentions of "Carolina", "Interstate 40" and other vague locations so sounds like I've stumbled upon a regional 11 meter net frequency.