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Title: Late Night 11 Meter Net 27.470 MHz LSB 27470 kHz LSB 0300+ UTC 29 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 0301 UTC
11 meter band free band CB radio SSB net frequency QRG 27.470 MHz LSB 27470 LSB 27470 kHz LSB.  One of the more popular "in-between" or "slider" channels (5 kHz steps instead of the standard 10 kHz CB radio channel steps), along with 27.420 MHz, 27.430 MHz, 27.440 MHz and 27.450 MHz.  For whatever reason, 27.460 MHz seems to not be nearly as popular as 27.450 or 27.470 MHz.  I have a feeling it has something to do with most English language stations using LSB mode and 27.455 MHz USB being a popular Spanish speaking DX calling frequency, so operating on 27.460 MHz LSB would result in a lot of QRM when the band is open to Latin America. 

Hearing an OM talking about a Uniden HR-2510 with the Chipswitch modification as well as a "Joker" 2-pill (two transistor) amplifier as a package deal.  Casual chatter about the Uniden 2510 or President 2510 radio - "that's another $300 or $350 radio today anyway, you know".  Unable to copy the station he's talking to.  Asked to hear a comment from "Wayne" indicating that this is another roundtable style ragchew net.  Sounds like the operators know each other pretty well.  "Anybody double dog dare me to call Wayne's cell phone?    WAKE UP!"  "What mic is that?" standard ham radio like amateur radio chatter about microphones, audio quality, etc....which is unfortunate because I can only copy one station out of the various stations that are chatting on this frequency.