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Title: UNID Portuguese Language 6940 kHz LSB 0300+ UTC 29 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 0317 UTC
6.940 MHz LSB - 6940.0 kHz LSB 6940 LSB Portuguese speaking stations fishing fleets fishing boats fishermen pescadores

In addition to the chatter on 6919 LSB, it appears that 6940 is also active.  I thought I was hearing Spanish at first, but I'm now pretty sure its actually Portuguese.  Lots of static crash QRN making copy difficult so I'm not 100% sure what language I'm hearing.  I put that title as Portuguese since that's what I've heard on this frequency in the past and the operating practices (stations talking over each other) seems more like the Portuguese speaking freebanders / bootleggers [yes, even if they actually are fishermen] that hang around the 43 meter band below 7.000 MHz than the more orderly (usually anyway) Spanish speaking freebanders / bootleggers that also hang around the same pirate frequencies.