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Title: Strong AM Signals 27.655 MHz / 27655 kHz AM 29 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 1831 UTC
Freebander AM CB radio net 27.655 MHz / 27655 kHz AM (channel 20 "up one band").

VERY strong AM traffic right now (1828 UTC) on 27.655 MHz, talking about getting prescriptions filled, generic drugs and other less-than-savory topics (namely abuse of narcotic painkillers and dealing with pharmacists).  Seems like a local net, as first and last names have been heard...a couple of the stations have roger beeps.  Now (1829 UTC) talking about "my little box" - station now has a noticeable hum in background...possibly from the amplifier he's running - as there was no hum before when the signal was weaker.

Several stations working a net-like fashion, Southern accents 27.655 MHz AM