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Title: Truckers outside CB band 27.485 MHz AM 27485 kHz AM 29 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 1835 UTC
Lots of SSB voice traffic above CB channel 40, but for some reason there's actually a decent amount of AM signals in the 27405 to 28000 range.  I noted 27.655 MHz AM in another thread, and there's the usual trucker traffic on 27.615 MHz AM and 27.635 MHz AM...however, this is an interesting one.  Hearing two OMs talking about "traffic westbound" and "yeah, but he's going westbound there, 10-4?" - clearly truckers that are close to each other operating out of band.  Now getting severe QRM from 27.490 MHz LSB (27490 LSB) and they seem to have disappeared.  27.485 MHz is channel 7 up one band...wouldn't surprise me if they just flipped the band switch up another band (or down two bands) to escape the SSB QRM...if they heard the SSB traffic at all.

I know some of these guys run their squelch pretty high so weaker signals aren't ever heard.