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Title: 27.155 MHz 27155 kHz USB CB channel 16 Spanish Language
Post by: R4002 on June 29, 2017, 2159 UTC
This is a random catch.  I just heard some Spanish speaking doing radio checks and the usual "holaaaa hollaaaaa" on 27155 USB.  Usually AM traffic is found in this part of the band, as far as I know that applies to the rest of the Americas as well.

Maybe somebody didn't know what "band" he was on (could have been trying to 27605 USB, which would make more sense) or forgot to flip back to AM.  Didn't hear anything after those initial transmissions.

The band isn't nearly as open as it was earlier, but I am still hearing some Spanish speaking traffic up around 27665 USB, 27695 LSB, etc. 

Heard locally with a Superstar 3900 and a Hustler IC-100 mag mount CB antenna.