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Title: 27.515 MHz MHz AM Spanish Numbers Lady Taxi Dispatch Taxicab CB 30 June 2017
Post by: R4002 on June 30, 2017, 1510 UTC
27515 kHz AM 27,515 kHz 27.515 MHz AM 27.515 AM - Spanish language taxi dispatch, familiar YL dispatcher talking through minor SSB QRM as the band appears to open up this morning (east coast USA time).  Started listening just before 1500 UTC.  Female dispatcher reading numbers (addresses and cab numbers) on 27.515 MHz AM.  This taxi company is often heard during band openings to Mexico and points south of the border.

The fact that 26.225 USB, 26.555 LSB, 26.585 AM, 26.705 AM and 27.455 USB are also active all point to sporadic-E or possibly TEP propagation conditions today.

The dispatcher's radio transmitter is actually pretty decent and nearly right on frequency.  When listening on a mobile CB - actually had my Cobra 29XLR with frequency modification and channel display that shows down to channel -128 and up to channel 99 [although the radio isn't broadbanded enough to do that entire range, receive seems to really drop off after "channel 55" or so (which is, of course, 27.555 MHz).  Listening to channel 51 though, or 27.515 MHz AM - the Spanish numbers lady taxi dispatcher is coming in loud and clear.  Looking at her signal on a remote SDR waterfall shows that her transmitter is sitting on 27514.90 or 27514.91 kHz - that's 27.5149 MHz, very close for AM CB work...especially when you consider that even in-band CB signals are often 1-2 or even 3 kHz away from the center frequency for a given channel. 

Ramble aside, its good to hear the Spanish taxi lady again (one of many - but she seems to be the only one that uses 27515 AM).  Unfortunately, 27.515 MHz is also a frequency used by the Knight Patrol CB Club out of Jamaica...so when the propagation is really open, there can be some serious QRM with high powered Caribbean stations working each other on 27.515 LSB and the Mexican taxi dispatcher on 27.515 AM at the same time.