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Title: Legal CB Band DX Activity Legal 40 Mid Band CB 13 July 2017
Post by: R4002 on July 13, 2017, 2106 UTC
Started listening at around 2000 UTC / 1600 local time

While the out of band frequencies (freeband CB frequencies) appear to be quiet (at least for me) - there are lots of stations working skip on the various legal 40 CB channels, including the always-busy 27.025 MHz AM CB channel 6 The Superbowl and the other main AM calling channels, as well as the SSB CB calling channel 38 frequency 27385 LSB.  CH 38 LSB is also used by locals as a "stand by" channel, and then they often QSY to an out-of-band frequency if channel 38 LSB is busy. 

CB Channel 11 CH11 27.085 MHz - the original AM calling channel from the 23 channel days - very busy
CB Channel 13 CH13 27.115 MHz - not as busy as 11 but still active
CB Channel 19 CH19 27.185 MHz - trucker channel / highway channel, very high noise level but can hear DX on top of it sometimes
CB Channel 22 CH22 27.225 MHz - local channel with locals working DX (heard one of the louder locals working Chicago)
CB Channel 26 CH26 27.265 MHz - Seems to be slightly more sane and professional than channels 6 and 11
CB Channel 28 CH28 27.285 MHz - Alternate to channel 26 / 27.265 MHz
CB Channel 31 CH31 27.315 MHz - Also one of the locally active channels
CB Channel 38 CH38 LSB 27.385 MHz LSB - US stations working DX stateside USA American CB DX channel