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Title: Siberian Village Radio - Russian Voices 3MHz Band Sweden SDR 14 July 2017
Post by: R4002 on July 14, 2017, 1928 UTC
After doing a log with the Russian remote SDR, I thought I would use the Swedish one...and make a new thread since my other post had gotten so large:

Since the SSB traffic all was right on frequency, and the AM signals are all over the place, I decided to log the SSB traffic in its own section:

2890 kHz USB - Russian language, casual chatter (right on frequency 2890.0 kHz)
2895 kHz USB - Russian language, casual chatter (also right on frequency 2895.0 kHz)
2917 kHz USB - Russian language, with minor splatter from stronger signals on 2920 kHz USB
2920 kHz USB - Russian language, OM talking rapidly - talking to a second station...casual QSO
2925 kHz USB - Russian language, similar to other traffic heard around these frequencies
3006 kHz USB - Russian language, slightly distorted with terrible heterodyne scream QRM from AM signal on 3008.3 kHz
3040 kHz USB - Russian language,

AM two way village radio Siberian radio Russian tundra radio logs 2-3 MHz band, Russian / Slavic language...lots of frequency drift, so, as in the previous log, I am going to preface each log with the frequency I think they're 'shooting for'.  Since these AM signals are anywhere from 5-6 kHz wide to 8 kHz wide, there is some overlap and QRM from time to time.  SSB signals mixed in with AM traffic as well as various digital modes right around the 2900 kHz to 3100 kHz area in particular. 

2980 kHz AM - 2980.2 kHz, 2981.1 kHz, Russian language - pretty weak
2998 kHz AM - 2998.2 kHz - strong Russian voices, talking to a station on 2998.3 kHz
3002 kHz AM - 3001.7 kHz, 3002.8 kHz, 3003.0 kHz with QRM from strong FSK signal on 3001 kHz USB
3007 kHz AM - 3006.2 kHz, 3007.4 kHz 3008.0 kHz, 3008.3 kHz, with lots of QRM from 3006 kHz USB
3024 kHz AM - 3023.9 kHz (significant drift) and 3024.5 kHz (strong!)
3047 kHz AM - started at 3046.1 kHz, ended up at 3046.6 kHz, working a station on 3046.8 kHz (much more stable) also 3046.2 kHz
Title: Re: Siberian Village Radio - Russian Voices 3MHz Band Sweden SDR 14 July 2017
Post by: skeezix on July 15, 2017, 0129 UTC
Tuned around 3 MHz on http://msk.swl.su:8073 and heard/saw a dozen stations on at 0222Z. Some nice & strong.

I also tuned to 1742 kHz and heard some talking on AM. One guy is on 1740 and the other on 1742. I wonder if this is similar to the 3 MHz freqs?

A bunch of years ago, I bought a couple of Soviet radios that operated down there (but in USB). Always wondered why down there, perhaps this is the answer?
Title: Re: Siberian Village Radio - Russian Voices 3MHz Band Sweden SDR 14 July 2017
Post by: R4002 on July 15, 2017, 1457 UTC
It seems like there's a pretty wide variance between stations operating in AM mode.  There doesn't seem to be any channelization or frequency plan (at least with the AM signals).  The SSB traffic seemed to be more "channelized" - and that fits in line with military gear.  I know the Soviets operated (and the Russians probably still operate) military tactical gear in the 2-3 MHz area AM/FM/SSB and the 20-70 MHz area with FM/SSB.  When I say "FM" I don't mean the US military version of wideband (25-30 kHz bandwidth) but narrowband FM.  I've read about former Eastern Bloc / CIS countries using SSB in the lower parts of VHF in addition to the higher parts of HF (with radios that cover, say, 20-35 MHz, in USB/FM/CW modes). 

I'm checking some SDRs in that region now (just did a quick band scan of 11 meters on the Russian web SDR - now I'm checking the 1.7-4 MHz region).

Logs - starting at 1450 UTC:

2130 kHz FM - 2.130 MHz - FM - Russian voice traffic with weird polytone signals underneath
2836 kHz USB - 2.836 MHz USB - Russian voice traffic two-way QSO