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Title: WGN 87.7 MHz 1151 UTC 21 Jul 2017
Post by: skeezix on July 21, 2017, 1254 UTC
On the way into work in the car, checked below 88.1 and heard a couple of stations on 87.7.

One station was fairly weak and low audio (guessing a Part 15 device for someone in their car or something)
The other was fairly strong and normal audio and heard an ID of WGN & MeTV radio.

1149Z Commodores "Nightshift"
1151Z ID WGN - MeTV
1152Z Advertisement for Barry Manilow
1153Z Ad for Toyota
1155Z Carpenters

Signal ranged from in the noise to full quieting, most of the time being somewhat noisy, but fine to listen to.

Pioneer DEH-X4850BT car stereo with 31" whip