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Title: UNID English Language 6927.8 kHz LSB then 6927.8 kHz USB 2330+ UTC 31 July 2017
Post by: R4002 on July 31, 2017, 2352 UTC
Note: The QSO in question started at 6927.8 kHz LSB, then switched to 6927.8 kHz USB at 2354 UTC due to ute data burst QRM on 6927.8 LSB.

Heavily accented English speaking traffic 6927.8 kHz LSB or 6.927.8 MHz LSB or 6.9278 MHz LSB.  Initially thought these guys were on 6928 kHz LSB and were speaking some weird language I had never heard before.  Then I recognized "her" "ya mon" and a handful of English language curse words.  

Another interesting frequency choice for these guys.  The language is hard to pin down.  EDIT: It's English, just really heavily accented.  Sounds Jamaican or maybe another Caribbean or islander in origin.  At first I thought I was off-frequency when I tuned to 6928 kHz LSB, but it seems like one of the stations is on 6927.7 kHz and the other is on 6927.8 kHz or maybe 6927.75 kHz.  There.  6927.8 kHz USB sounds best.  

Lots of curse words and "ya mon" heard.  Very active conversation.  One station heard yawning on the air.  Not sure if these are freebanders or another fishing fleet net.  Still going strong at 2349 UTC.  Sounds like these guys know each other.  Reminds me of the traffic sometimes heard on 27515 LSB when the 11 meter band is open to the Caribbean area.  Some minor ute data link burst QRM at 2350 UTC.  Significant fading noted right after this, they're now down to the same level as the Portuguese speaking pescadores.  

EDIT:  Frequency is 6927.8 kHz.  I've removed the 6927.7 kHz from the thread title.  Reference to "Christian" at 2352 UTC.  Possibly another station or another guy these operators know?  Possibly a mixture of English and West African or Caribbean slang terms.   At 2354 UTC, they switched from 6927.8 kHz LSB to 6927.8 kHz USB...maybe to escape from the data QRM from whatever utility station occupies 6925 kHz USB and 6926 kHz USB from time to time.  QSO going strong on 6927.8 USB at 2355 UTC.  

0003 UTC:  Still going strong, several mentions of "fuckin' boy" around this time
0008 UTC:  "son of a bitch" - these guys are doing all the words you can't say on the radio  ;) lots of laughing, very informal