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Title: 6900 kHz USB 6.900 MHz USB Spanish Language Net 29 August 2017
Post by: R4002 on August 29, 2017, 1414 UTC
Lots of two-way voice traffic in the 6800-7000 kHz range this morning (US east coast time) 1330 UTC+ (making this post and listening to 6900 kHz USB at 1408 UTC).  Hearing several stations talking on 6900 USB (not unusual any time of the day or night, although they seem to like using 6900 LSB).  Station tuning up or whistling into microphone at 1409 UTC.  Mention of "el Yagi" which points to freebanders chatting away instead of a more organized net (PEMEX, etc) although its hard to tell.  I can see that 6950 kHz USB is still active along with the MARS guys going strong on 6968.5 USB.  

6900 USB seems to continue to be freebanders, lots of ham radio like idle banter about radio topics, stations "checking in" and getting signal reports at 1411 UTC.  Another whistle-into-the-microphone tune up at 1411 UTC followed by more chatter.

Right now my vote is for regular old amateurs operating out of band or somebody in a village somewhere with an HF radio setup...the line could easily be blurred...in the remote regions of Mexico, who really cares if the taxicab company operating on 11 meters has a license or if the guy chatting on 6900 USB is a ham or not.  I suppose it also blurs the line between professional nets operating in this range and straight up pirates.  Discussion about family issues and housing was occurring at tune-in.  Who's to say the radio operator on the PEMEX rig doesn't have a list of when and on which frequencies he can contact his village radio operator and talk to his wife?