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Title: DX ToolBox 4.8.0 Released for Windows and macOS
Post by: ChrisSmolinski on September 01, 2017, 1958 UTC
DX ToolBox has been updated to version 4.8.0, and is available for Windows 7/8/10 as well as macOS.

DX Toolbox searches the web for you, gathering information on solar and geomagnetic conditions that affect radio propagation. It also features several propagation forecasting tools, allowing you to quickly and easily estimate current HF (Shortwave) propagation conditions between any two locations in the world. It's ideal for the ham radio operator, shortwave listener, or other radio enthusiast, and is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Full details here: http://www.blackcatsystems.com/software/dxtoolbox.html

DX Toolbox displays in real-time the following important readings:

Solar Flux
Solar Flux
Sun Spot Number
X-Ray Flux levels
X-Ray flares
Solar Wind
Earth's Magnetic Field
Proton and Electron Flux levels
Radio Blackout conditions
Geomagnetic Storm conditions
Solar Radiation Storm conditions

In addition, the last month's worth of Solar Flux, A-Index, K-Index, Sun Spot Number, and background X-Ray Flux are plotted. Audio alerts can be generated when solar flares, aurora, or disturbed geomagnetic conditions exist or are likely.

A grayline map of the world is also available. Radio propagation between locations within the grayline region of the world is often greatly enhanced. DX Toolbox's grayline map makes it easy for you to determine where those locations are. Grayline propagation has been used by expert ham radio operators and DXers for years to catch elusive stations.

You can also plot the great circle (both short and long) path between your location and another station, and compute distance, as well as the beam heading.

Radio propagation conditions can also be estimated between two points on the Earth.

A database of over 12,000 SWBC (shortwave broadcast) transmissions can be displayed and searched. The third party app SdrDx can be controlled via the SWBC Schedules window. Just double click on a transmission, and SdrDx will be changed to that frequency. Likewise, tune in a station on SdrDx, and the SWBC Schedules window will automatically update to show all possible stations that you could be listening to, with transmissions currently on the air highlighted in bold.

DX ToolBox uses an FCC database to display US and foreign AM (MW) stations on a map, as well some information about them. Double clicking on a station on the map will bring up a line of text with information about that station. You can also search for stations, as well as do a "fuzzy" search. Say you heard a callsign, but there's the chance you misheard one of the letters. C sounds a lot like E, for example. With the fuzzy search option enabled, similar letters will be checked as well. A list of all possible matching stations for the specified frequency will be displayed.

Grid square locations may be determined, as well as looked up on a map, which also shows the world's time zones.

Maps showing auroral levels, as well as the maximum F layer frequency (related to MUF) over various parts of the world are also displayed. Real-time images of the Sun from the SOHO satellite are also available.