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Title: 6958.5 kHz USB vs. 6960 kHz LSB Peskies QRM 14 Sept 2017 0000 UTC
Post by: R4002 on September 14, 2017, 0007 UTC
Two logs in one:

UNID Spanish Language 6958.5 kHz USB 6.9585 MHz USB
UNID Portuguese Language 6960 kHz LSB 6.960 MHz LSB
Time: 0000 UTC (continuing past this time)
Date: 14-SEPT-2017

Portuguese speakers on 6960 kHz LSB vs. Spanish speakers on 6958.5 kHz USB.  Heard "Republica Dominicana" (Dominican Republic) in Spanish on 6958.5 kHz USB mixing with QRM from the Portuguese speakers on 6960 LSB.  Really bad frequency choices for both groups here as they're literally overlapping each other on the waterfall display.  Of course, this could be another case of the skip zone working its magic and while I can hear two QSOs...the people actually having the QSO can't hear the interference or QRM from the other group of stations in each respective radio net. 

The Spanish speaking stations on 6958.5 USB are only slightly stronger than the Portuguese "peskies" on 6960 LSB.