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Title: UNID Spanish Language 6838 kHz USB 1220 UTC 16 Sept 2017
Post by: R4002 on September 16, 2017, 1225 UTC
UNID possible bootleg illegal two-way HF communications HF-SSB Spanish speakers SS speakers 6838 USB

Frequency: 6838 kHz 6.838 MHz
Mode: USB
Time: 1220 UTC (tuned in, conversation was on-going)

Variable signal strengths this morning, but am hearing bits and pieces of Spanish on 6838 kHz USB.  6868 kHz is a popular frequency, so this one seems pretty logical.  Well, in the "peskie" way.  Hard to say if these are pescadores (fishing fleet radio, fishery radio, etc) or freebanders.  Since the freebanders tend to operate in a net or roundtable fashion and this seems to be two stations having a casual QSO (lots of Spanish...colorful vocabulary, these two guys are obviously comfortable with each other which means its like not military or government communications).

SIO 222 at best, but lots of fading and static crashes means I'm only getting bits and pieces.