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Title: Spanish Voices 6800 kHz USB, 6810 kHz USB and 6820 kHz USB 11 Oct 2017
Post by: R4002 on October 11, 2017, 1348 UTC
Hearing Spanish language QSOs on 6800 kHz USB, 6810 kHz USB, and 6820 kHz USB.  All with similar signal strength.  Similar net operation to traffic heard in the 6900-7000 kHz range, only these guys are lower in frequency, the 6800-7000 kHz area seems to be a big favorite (after all, when you make your own frequency steps...there are more or less unlimited "channels" available").

Since I came across these QSOs all at once I figured I would post them in the same log.  The consistency with frequency spacing or channel steps or channel spacing and mode (everybody in USB!) leads me to believe that these three QSOs are related.

6800 kHz USB - Spanish language
6810 kHz USB - Spanish language
6820 kHz USB - Spanish language