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Title: Propagation 11/14/2017
Post by: Buccaneer on November 14, 2017, 0044 UTC
Is it just at my QTH in Enfield, CT or is propagation really bad this evening! Most of the HF bands are closed to me with only the 49M SW being open from Cuba etc. I've never heard it as bad tonight on 31M and 41M. Ham bands just as bad with 80M barely working.
Title: Re: Propagation 11/14/2017
Post by: Terry on November 14, 2017, 0223 UTC
Not been real good lately but tonight I copied hb9avk on 40 fsq (snr +13 db and I got a snr +20 db from his station) and am listening to a station in St. Thomas on 7188 right now - S9+10. He is running a beam and some power. Large solar installation at his station, no grid power. Not hearing any of the usual Eu SSB stations tonight though.