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Title: UNID Spanish Language net on 6666.6 kHz USB 0021 UTC 26 Jan 2018
Post by: R4002 on January 26, 2018, 0027 UTC
UNID bootleg illegal radio transmissions 6666.6 kHz
6.666.6 MHz 6.6666 MHz 6666.6 USB

Another interesting frequency...only this time its in the middle of the 6 MHz aeronautical HF-SSB band.  HF aircraft communications are not what you want to be interfering with.  Yeah, I know about the 6.6 MHz "Echo Charlie" or "EC" operators known to hang around here...but I thought that was a mostly European thing...with the American counterparts staying above 6765 kHz (and below 7000 kHz) for the most part...and usually keeping between 6800 and 6990 kHz at that.

"we gotta figure out who's transmitting here" heard in English, then switched back to Spanish.  OM talking in a monologue fashion about the situation of the people of Latin America.  Somebody whistled over him at 0022 UTC. 

This almost seems like a pirate station vs. bootleg two-way HF or freebanders or ham operators operating out of band.  Unfortunately they faded down to the noise shortly after I tuned in...

0023 UTC - nevermind, its not a broadcaster...two stations "checked in" with "hey what's up" and "Santa Clara!" "hey, Juan, what's up"
0024 UTC - "3 Cuanico...3 Cuanico" repeated
0025 UTC - "hello frequency! over"
0026 UTC - several stations are now talking over each other in typical "CB" fashion...beginning to sound like a ham radio pileup
0027 UTC - frequency fell silent for 10 seconds or so, now there's a station right at noise floor talking
0027 UTC - somebody whistled into their mic and said "hey frequency! can you copy Dominican Republic?"
0029 UTC - "who is that calling?" [signals are getting weaker now]
0029 UTC - "bunny! bunny! bunny!" followed by another whistle into the mic
0030 UTC - the same station continues to whistle into their mic and cause genera QRM
0031 UTC - "viva Mexico!" repeated several times, just above noise at this point