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Title: Morning MX run, 3 February, 2018
Post by: Token on February 03, 2018, 1432 UTC
A quick run through the MX Russian single letter beacon freqs this morning:

3594.0  C
3594.1  A
3594.2  F

4557-4558 beacons covered by jammer

5154.1  A
5154.3  K
5154.4  M
5154.8  F   Wrong freq?  Very raspy, several audio harmonics on 100 Hz steps +/-

7039.1  A
7039.4  M

8495.1  A
8495.4  M

I really need to put up a video of F, K, and M on the lower freqs.  Every time I try to correct the Wikipedia entry on Single Letter Beacons to include these someone comes around and claims I can't point to a published source that corroborates their operations on these freqs.  When I tell them "sure, but I hear them there" I am told that is not good enough.  So I guess I need to "publish" a video and put that to bed.