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Title: UNID 6934.9 AM 0243 UTC 12 Feb 2018
Post by: ChrisSmolinski on February 12, 2018, 1156 UTC
SDR recording catch. It's been a few nights since I have heard this. Usual SIO 222 signal with music, also occasional OM speaking, sounds like Spanish. I
Off at 0327.
Back on at 0330.
Frequent breaks in the transmission.
0339 Carpenters "Sing"
0347 Carpenters "This Masquerade"
0353 Carpenters "Heather"
0355 Carpenters "Jambalaya On The Bayou", easily SIO 333 right now.
0402 Carpenters "Yesterday Once More"
0408 Carpenters "Fun, Fun, Fun" (Yes, Shazam says it's the Carpenters cover, and I agree)
0411 Carpenters "The End Of The World"
0412 Carpenters cover of "Da Do Ron Ron"
0414 Carpenters "Dead Man's Curve"
0418 OM speaking, this continued for some time. Sounded like he was repeating letters in Spanish?
0443 Off

I created this mp3 of the entire transmission, 0243-0443 UTC: http://radiohobbyist.org/blog/mypics/6934.9am-0243z.mp3
It starts off weak, then gets stronger as time goes on.