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Title: TESCUN PL 600
Post by: DOCTOR on January 08, 2011, 2005 UTC
Anyone have one of these and your thoughts on this portable . I looked at  the reviews and not bad, also it has ssb  on it, which the grundig traveller g8 does not. I do believe the ssb should be on a sw radio for much communications is in ssb and many of the pirate stns are on ssb.
Any comments

Title: Re: TESCUN PL 600
Post by: DOCTOR on January 17, 2011, 0128 UTC
I bought the radio, and here a first hand look...

 I have had the radio a few days now, and am impressed with its receive, although I have not tried FM which after going thru the bands I did have one fm station on the dial which was in stereo and very loud from Louisville, Ky...

The radio receives quiet well on SW bands, and comes with a clip on antenna and about 15 to 20 feet of insulated wire and a plug to plug into the radio, although I just used the telescope antenna picking up the religious save your life stations, loads of Mexican stations and VOA, I also swept down to the Ham frequencies on the morse code portion and tried out the ssb switch..worked great and very stable and nice copy<I do copy morse>. I went up to the 8mhz band and picked up some rtty and WLO sending its call in Morse along with AMTOR and fax info....very stable and nice reception.

On MW<AM BROADCAST>, it was easy to tune and many stations were coming in, but it said in the booklet no antenna needed for reception, just use the internal antenna, although I would prefer a plug for MW reception with an out of the radio antenna.
I did pick up Nashville, Lex., Ky., Little Rock, Ark, and many Mexican stations also..it was a winner for MW.

On LW<long wave>, no antenna used except for the internal antenna, and sitting inside the radio room I picked up a few beacons which surprised me at 35 to 40 miles. ***On LW you have to initiate that band buy punching in a code..no problem.

I will be hooking it up on the earphone plug to my laptop to see the decode of digital modes and rtty when I get time.

It is easy to get on the air for receive, and the instruction booklet is easy to understand.

It comes with a carrying case, ear phone, and shortwave antenna and rechargeable batteries, along with a charger, nicely constructed and didn't seem flimsy or cheap, all in all I would give it a 9<nothing is perfect>, I purchased the unit from AMAZON, shipping time 4 days retail price was $69 plus s/h, not a bad price, and of course it is made overseas..where else CHINA.