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Title: Marconi 2017
Post by: CaptainChaos on July 22, 2018, 0704 UTC
I'm trading an old Sansui Eight home audio receiver for some old test equipment that came out of WDAY in Fargo, including a Marconi 2017. Can anybody give me any information on this signal generator and what possible uses it might have? If anybody can give me any backstory on the station or the gear, that would be greatly appreciated too. My knowledge is slim, but growing, and I would really like to use this for the common good. Any suggestions or advice would make me a very happy guy.
Until then, keep fighting the good fight
Title: Re: Marconi 2017
Post by: rickcutter on September 02, 2018, 1337 UTC
I have a Marconi 2018 - I use it on the bench for radio alignments and I also have other uses for it - I am aware my reply come somewhat slow however you can find a manual and other documentation at ValueTronics Dot Com search for your signal generator.
Title: Re: Marconi 2017
Post by: CaptainChaos on September 13, 2018, 0210 UTC
Thanks for the reply Rick! I finally met up with the guy and took the Marconi home. I spent the first couple weeks just watching the motor driven wheel spin when changing the carrier frequency.
I ordered a type N to BNC adapter and put it on the RF output, ran a wire off the end of that, turned up a tone on the oscillator, turned up the output level, and could hear it a few miles away on the CB channels with modulation at 99%. I did the same on the local strong AM station and could hear a tone under audio to about a mile away.
As I mentioned, I'm just starting to learn about this stuff, but am having fun. I'm taking some classes and am trying to learn more, but am gaining a lot by lurking around here.

Also, part of the trade for my Sansui included a very modified Motorola R-1201A / Systron Donner 1702 that supposedly came from the same WDAY in Fargo. It had what seemed like the right core, but had a ton of black taped caps and homemade proto board stuff on it. There was also a 4 pin CB style mic jack on the back. I took it apart for parts before realizing that it might be be something cool, but am very curious about its back story, as well as the Marconi. Anyone have any connection to WDAY? Anyone know anything about these?