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Title: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: jFarley on July 24, 2018, 2346 UTC
Proof of Life logs from the Pay to Play State checking those thought to still be active.

2018-07-22  1609  218.0  AL   Alpos' Alton (St Louis MO), IL, USA  363 Km
2018-07-22  1610  240.0  CJ   Calde' Springfield, IL, USA  256 Km
2018-07-22  1611  251.0  JZY  Macomb, IL, USA  252 Km
2018-07-22  1615  257.0  FWC  Wayne County' Fairfield, IL, USA  377 Km
2018-07-22  1616  263.0  CVM  Civic Memorial' Alton, IL, USA  362 Km
2018-07-22  1617  272.0  IK   Kankakee, IL, USA  85 Km
2018-07-22  1617  272.0  OLY  Olney' Olney-Noble, IL, USA  339 Km
2018-07-22  1618  275.0  DE   Elwin' Decatur, IL, USA  236 Km
2018-07-22  1619  293.0  UI   Quincy, IL, USA  344 Km
2018-07-22  1621  329.0  AAA  Abraham' Lincoln, IL, USA  213 Km  keys .----.- with harmonics
2018-07-24  1839  332.0  DN   Julip' Danville, IL, USA  172 Km
2018-07-22  1624  350.0  CP   Acore' Cahokia / St Louis, IL, USA  400 Km
2018-07-22  1625  356.0  PI   Tungg' Peoria, IL, USA  186 Km
2018-07-22  1628  375.0  LQ   Licol' Springfield, IL, USA  248 Km
2018-07-22  1629  379.0  UG   Wauke' Waukegan (Chicago), IL, USA  82 Km
2018-07-22  1632  382.0  MW   Jonny' Marion, IL, USA  443 Km
2018-07-22  1631  382.0  SP   Huskk' Springfield, IL, USA  267 Km
2018-07-22  1633  385.0  JD   Gooey' Belleville, IL, USA  393 Km
2018-07-22  1635  391.0  PLX  Palestine' Robinson, IL, USA  308 Km
2018-07-24  0307  397.0  CIR  Cairo, IL, USA  534 Km
2018-07-22  1637  400.0  SLO  Salem, IL, USA  356 Km
2018-07-22  1638  407.0  CM   Veals' Champaign / Urbana, IL, USA  200 Km
NDBs this report 22  New NDBs 0

Also checked for the following w/o luck:

254  BOZ  Generally dependable
334  LH   Has been intermittent this summer
365  SYZ  Generally dependable
388  MD   Status unknown
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: Looking-Glass on July 26, 2018, 1644 UTC
Good list there jFarley, do you ever QSL the NDB's?  I haven't done so for around 20 years now, should imagine most don't reply to cards any more.

Like some of the place names on your list too...Kankakee, Julip, Wauke, Tungg and especially Gooey, some would be native American? 

Are the IL beacons varied in power or all low powered 15 watts?  Not many 15 watt beacons left in Australia, majority are 100 watts. 

Pity I cannot get the distance propagation wise to hear them here, best so far this season is just under 4,000km.
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: jFarley on July 26, 2018, 1822 UTC
I don't QSL the NDBs, although several DXers do.  I used to QSL SWBC and utilities, particularly coast stations in the HF Maritime Mobile service. I miss that a lot!

Yes, there are a couple of Native American names there, typical for my state..  Many of the beacons are named after the airport they serve, or even a particular runway.  Gooey?  I haven't the faintest idea!

All of these NDBs are 25W AFAIK.
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: pinto vortando on July 27, 2018, 0148 UTC
The 5 letter names associated with some NDBs are intersection designators.  An intersection being navigational fix.  In some cases, the 5 letter name may be associated with a local point of interest or person.  For example, near Detroit there are intersections PISTN ( Detroit Pistons) and HARWL (long time Detroit Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell).

In the case of 385 JD GOOEY, it is the intersection at LOM (outer marker locator) on the  ILS/LOC approach for RWY 32R at Scott  / Mid-America (BLV) off the 273 radial of the Centralia VORTAC ENL 115.

The actual beacon site is in a field about 3 miles S.E. of the small town of Mascoutah.  Why they call it "gooey" is perhaps with regard to a regional specialty known as a gooey cake.
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: jFarley on July 27, 2018, 1246 UTC
Thanks pv!  I wasn't aware of that.
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: myteaquinn on July 28, 2018, 0151 UTC
The HARWL intersection was once called BOSHM after Bo Schembechler. It was renamed shortly after he was fired. In September there will be an R-NAV arrival into Cleveland with intersections made up of past Cleveland Brown quarterbacks.

Update on my post. According to Wikipedia Bo retired and was not fired.
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: pinto vortando on December 16, 2018, 1534 UTC
Heard here this morning for the first time:
329  AAA   Lincoln  IL

Got this one last week (local PH still off the air),
332  HK   Chicago  IL

These guys are fairly regular in here:
382  SP   Springfield  IL
397  CIR  Cairo  IL  (the "R" sounds more like "N")
Title: Re: Illinois NDB Roundup
Post by: pinto vortando on January 01, 2019, 1434 UTC
257  FWC   Fairfield
375  LQ     Springfield
382  SP     Springfield