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Title: Unid carrier 6930.3 & 6925.2 approx
Post by: Lex on March 21, 2011, 0324 UTC
6930.3 AM approx
Since around 0235z, fairly steady carrier here around 6930.3, also faint carrier via various remotes, but nothing else audible.  Tried tuners in Midwest, upper U.S., Pacific and Canada, just a faint carrier.

0330z: Right about when carrier dropped on 6930, another audible on 6925.2.  So far just a carrier via home receiver and various remote tuners.

0344z: Via remote tuner in Wisconsin, 6925 AM sounds like Elmer Fudd singing "I love...(unintelligible)... oh what fun...", the something about Rhode Island and Belfast mail drop.