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Title: CPN9 5838 CW 1925 UTC 15 August 2018
Post by: KaySeeks on August 15, 2018, 1946 UTC
Heard in Italy.

"CPN9" looking to establish contact before 1930 UTC. Seemingly established it at 1930 UTC then proceeded to send mixed letters and numbers (no firm group size, I I think) but I missed the ID of the station they were calling. After a long message at ~1931-1934 UTC, pretty quiet with occasional transmissions to reply to whoever they were in communication with.

CW was certainly sent "live" - the operator made mistakes and s/he would correct themselves with the universal repeated 5 or 6 dit symbol of "I goofed". Speed was ~10 WPM, which is just a little too fast for me to copy manually right now so missed large chunks of what was sent.