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Title: Stretchyman 50W Tx
Post by: Stretchyman on August 25, 2018, 1712 UTC
OK, very nearly there. REALLY wanted to get this product released as it's about as far as you can go with a small single ended design.

Had run into quite a few unforseen issues but all resolved and working well.


With 24V @ 2A3 power O/P (carrier) is 50W so around 90% efficient, peak power just shy of 200W!

Will need 24V@5A

Will happily run from 12V (4A) with 1/4 power.

Was going to make it 'tunable' but altho' it can tune I've decided it's too complicated to implement and far simpler (and cheaper) to program a single channel.

Really very simple, just connect programmer to pin header on PCB, load file into AVRDUDESS and press program, Done!

The programming SW is free and I can supply the programmer and files at a minimal cost (you'll ONLY need these if you want to change the frequency). It will, of course, come prog'd on ANY frequency of your choice.

Max Freq is around 12MHz and have a little more work to do if you want one on any frequency outside the 'usual' 6-7MHz range but I already have some interest and am working on design new filters etc.

Please mail me direct if you're interested.




Title: Re: Stretchyman 50W Tx
Post by: JimIO on August 25, 2018, 1809 UTC
The new TX sounds interesting but I'm replying about AVRDUDESS. Never heard of it but I do know about Arduino IDE. So I did some looking around. Turns out Avrdude 6.2 is already on the Linux distro I'm using. For others reading this AVRDUDESS is a GUI for Avrdude. Thanks for the tip Mr. Str!
Title: Re: Stretchyman 50W Tx
Post by: Stretchyman on August 26, 2018, 1740 UTC

Makes programming a simple point and click affair!

I'll provide precompiled code for any frequency.