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Title: 6977 USB, APRSWXNET, English language QSO
Post by: Lex on August 25, 2008, 0915 UTC
Automatic Position Reporting System Weather Net (APRSWXNET)
Sunday, 8/24/08, 2228 UTC
6977 USB
SINPO - 34232 (good signal, brutal static)
English language QSO, only one OM voice audible, Southwestern accent.  Several IDs sounding like "Charlie-Whisky-1681"

Time marks correspond to 6 min, 39 sec audio file:
00:00-00:22 - "...stations anywhere ... Roger, whisky (zulu?) ... your neighborhood, see if you can pick anybody (off? up?)..."
00:34-00:43 - "...also (Ed?) would you ask ... anyone in your (district?) ... did not receive that (track? traffic?), go ahead..."
00:46-02:33  - Mostly inaudible, except faint "roger, roger" at 02:13
02:34 - "...quickly give me a status report on CW0509 (net member), over..."  (Apparent inquiry about health of net member).

CW1681 (apparently net control) appears to be an op in Kansas.  CW0509 corresponds to net member in NJ.

6977 USB occasionally used for Spanish language maritime weather transmissions, voice and CW.  First time I've copied English language traffic here.

(N. Central TX)