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Title: Spanish speakers very busy QRM 6666.6 kHz USB 2210 UTC 15 Oct 2018
Post by: R4002 on October 15, 2018, 2216 UTC
The 6-7 MHz band is alive with dozens and dozens of QSOs in Spanish, Latin American traffic coming in before the sun even sets. 

I'm hearing a very active freebander or outbander "net" (more like a pileup or ragchew) on 6666.6 kHz USB, 6.666.6 MHz USB...which is, of course, in the 6525-6685 kHz on-route subband of the 6525-6765 kHz 6 MHz aeronautical or aircraft HF SSB band.  Not a good frequency choice, but there are tons of other freebanders popping up in this band, and even more in the 6.7-7.0 MHz area, using both USB and LSB modes.  6666.6 USB is just, well, really easy to remember.  Hearing two OMs talking over each other at the moment (2216 UTC).