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Title: AM Shortwave R.6160 and 3975 AM 1229 UTC 19 Nov 2018
Post by: kris on November 19, 2018, 1352 UTC
1230 UTC 6160 AM  S6-7 SINPO 44333 EN
-interesting SW news program with ID stations records, begining about Voice of Taiwan China Network
1250 The Destroyer
1255 M EN ID Shortwave Radio on FRQ 3975 and 6160 kc, Imagination
1300 pip time, M EN News, music, 1306 YL EN ID, music

- from 1300 on 3975 another program is broadcasting "still from Netherland SW news" about SWBC stations and propagation,  SINPO 33333,  it doesn't look like a repetition from 1230 UTC
  1345 Heartache
  1347 M EN repeat ID and both FRQ, but on 6160  another program is going on "rock show radio".
  1357 pip time but it's out of exactly 1400! ID and both FRQ announced. Reality as above.
I think that these are recordings of old programs, but I can not verify if the messages are up to date. They tell about the past years.
  1453 YL EN ID "test transmission" Ride On Time S8-10
  1457 time signal again out of time, M EN ID "we broadcast to England Ireland Netherland and Belgian, this is test transmission on 3975 kc"

TNX to Andre!
Title: Re: AM Shortwave R.6160 and 3975 AM 1229 UTC 19 Nov 2018
Post by: CoolAM Radio on November 19, 2018, 1753 UTC
Hi Kris!

3975  +  6160 are the 2 freqs for Shortwave Radio (programs coming from the UK & Broadcasted from Germany)
They are using the same principe as Radio Channel292 ( 6070 + 7440 ) by using SW Transmitter fascilities in Germany!

DJ's / Presenters were also active for WMR & Offshore stations!

Find out more
http://shortwaveradio.de/ (http://shortwaveradio.de/)

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