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Title: 6220KHz mystery station...
Post by: Looking-Glass on November 21, 2018, 1848 UTC
The last few mornings my time I have come across this regular between 1800-1830z CW on 6220KHz up to 569 signal report.

Seems to be working duplex or "non reply" as never hear the stations being worked, although "RR" "TU" are often sent suggesting it's hearing traffic.

Each morning it uses a new callsign, past few mornings the callsigns have been:  KCSY, ZVIE and JZNK.

Before sending traffic commencement is "de JZNK JZNK JZNK k", as mentioned the four letter call changes each day.

CW is sent via hand key as often corrections are made.  Good even sending at a steady pace, good op and good fist.

Common sending is blocks of five letters, this morning some noted: ONDOF WDFAW GNOSY etc, sometimes number/letters sent also.

Often there is a two or three minute gap between transmissions, usually gone by 1830z.

Anyone throw some light on this one?  I am leaning towards Chinese military, although 4XZ Israeli Military CW on 6MHz very strong at same time so could be from EU or Middle East but I feel it's Asia. Appreciated... ;)
Title: Re: 6220KHz mystery station...
Post by: shadypyro on November 22, 2018, 0016 UTC
My bet would be Chinese Military..
Title: Re: 6220KHz mystery station...
Post by: Looking-Glass on November 24, 2018, 0452 UTC
Thanks lads, I am leaning towards the Pacific side of Asia as the signal is always good, been comparing it with TAH Turkish Met and SVO Athens Met CW beacons plus 4XZ in Israel and more often that not it's stronger than them by far. The signal is on parity with XSQ and XSG Chinese maritime beacons on 4 and 6MHz too.

Seems to be the same op on each morning too, good fist, but often stuffs up with some number combinations and he corrects his errors.

This morning I missed what four letter call sign was in use but caught the last of his five letter groups: GTOVZ FRIYA RPTAA FAIFM also he sent RPT? a couple of times and then "K", however I have never heard any of the stations he is targeting or working, most likely split frequency.

1755-1840z seems to be the regular time frame each day on 6.220MHz CW.
Title: Re: 6220KHz mystery station...
Post by: Looking-Glass on November 30, 2018, 1815 UTC
This morning it started at 1800z punctual, right to the second on 6.220MHz CW, usual operator with an excellent fist and good steady pace, text started off from 1800z as follows:




When I checked the frequency at 1430z there was an idler running on 6.220MHz.

1800z seems to be the main time it comes on air as nothing noted outside of the 1800z to 1840z time block for this one.